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Tempsford Airfield map
Tempsford Airfield map Tempsford Airfield map
Tempsford Airfield map Tempsford Airfield map
Tempsford Airfield map

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Welcome to the Bernard O’Connor
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Bernard O'Connor
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Bernard O’Connor has lived and worked in Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom, for over two decades. During this time he has taught Humanities in Secondary Schools and researched aspects of local geology, archaeology, history and natural history. When he discovered that an iguanodon had been dug up in Potton in 1866 he decided to locate the dinosaur. It sparked a decade investigating the impact of the UK’s coprolite industry; thought by many at the time to be fossilised dinosaur droppings. He has written accounts of every parish where coprolites were found, had articles published in academic magazines and given talks and lectures across East Anglia.

Rather than write another book, he has generated this website on which all his research can be accessed. Taking on the role of P3 (Parish Paths Partnership) co-ordinator he has written up accounts of almost all the local footpaths and bridleways between Sandy and East Hatley. He has also researched RAF Tempsford, a TOP SECRET airfield used by 138 and 161 Squadrons to supply the resistance in occupied Europe. Work on other topics such as the Mawddach Estuary in North Wales, phosphate mining in France, Spain, Canada and the United States, the history of the guano (bird droppings) industry and the local history of Sandy, St Neots and Gamlingay can all be found on this website.

You can now explore the site at your leisure and read about many aspects of geology, archaeology, geography, history and religion. Enjoy! Any typos or errors are entirely his own and, in the interest of academic study, can be corrected if identified…

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