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Chelmondiston, Suffolk

William Whitaker, the geologist employed by the Geological Survey to cover the Ipswich area, identified Suffolk Crag pits just west of South Hall (now Ness Farm OS. 214339) and a third of a mile southeast of Erwarton Hall (TM 226347) (Whitaker, (1885), op. cit. p.48.).  There were others further north on the south bank of the Orwell estuary next to Hill House and not far north of Church Farm, near Long Wood and Pages Common half a mile northwest of Chelmondiston (TM 272403).  No evidence of the landowners' financial arrangements with farmers or coprolite contractors for these workings has come to light but, if they were worked, they were probably washed and sorted before loading onto sailing barges at Pin Mill.  (Wood, S.V. and Harmer, F. W., (1877), 'Later Tertiary Geology of East Anglia', Q.J.G.S. vol. XXXIII, p.75).