Bridleway 4 (Tadlow)

Direction: E W Distance: 600 m. Back to map

Text Box: BW1Text Box: BW24Text Box: BW4Text Box: FP3Text Box: FP3Bridleway 4 is to the southwest of East Hatley and is a continuation of Bridleway 3, the track running south-southwest out of the village. It starts at the corner of a copse (TL 276490) at about 58 metres above sea level, on a gently sloping ridge with 270o views across the Rhee valley. It follows the south side of the copse for about 300 metres eastwards along the south side of a mature hedge with views south down the slope towards the Mordens, Ashwell and the Royston Downs on the horizon. After about 300 metres it meets Footpath 9 which runs down the dry chalk valley towards New England Farm and Tadlow.

Text Box: FP9
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About 100 metres further west it crosses a footbridge over a stream, on the other side of which it meets Bridleway 24 which runs south-south-west towards Grange Farm on the Tadlow Road. The bridleway then ascends a gentle slope for a further 300 metres along the south side of the hedge until it reaches the junction of Bridleway 1 and Footpath 5 at Hatley Gate (TL 271490), about 62 metres above sea level. Bridleway 1 (Bar Lane) takes you north through Hatley Park onto the Hatley Road. Footpath 5 takes you south onto the Tadlow Road.