Bridleway 5 (East Hatley)

Direction: S N, then W E. Distance: c.500 m. Back to map










Bridleway 5 starts about one and a half kilometres north of East Hatley where Bridleway 3 turns south back towards the village (TL 288522). At about 76 metres above sea level it has commanding views in all directions. It runs north for about 300 metres along the eastern side of a drainage ditch until it meets a farm building, about 72 metres asl. (TL 288525). The bridleway then turns east and follows the parish boundary between East Hatley and Little Gransden. After about 200 metres it finishes when it reaches the southwest corner of Hayley Wood (TL 289525). Here Bridleway 13 veers northwest along the western edge of the wood, becoming Bridleway 12 after about 200 metres when it crosses the footbridge. The route continues east-northeast as Bridleway 6 along the south side of Hayley Wood, passing Hatley Wilds to the south and continuing until it meets Bridleway 21 at the southeast corner of Hayley Wood.