Footpath 10

Distance about 425 m. Direction W then N



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The footpath starts on the bend of the Green End (TL235524) between the allotments and the old Methodist Chapel. This building was purchased in 2005 by the Parish Council and during the day is used by the Rainbow Playgroup. After passing in front of two semi-detached houses, on the northern side of the road, you can see Green End Industrial Estate. This area used to be part of Avenelles Cloptons field and when Gamlingay started  to develop in the 19th and early 20th centuries, part of it was sold and a box factory was constructed.  The land is thought to be owned by the Wright family.


Companies located there in 2006 included Cambridge Archiving, Formula 1, U Systems, Lazydaze Bedding Company, Timberworks, Dams International (office furniture), Parkplay Leisure Limited, Green End Vehicle Sales, Fabrication Technology Services Limited, Dennets Welding and Fabrication, Pinewood Structures Limited, Hall Transport (Halls Horseboxes). On the southern side of the road you can see the car park and buildings of The Wale Group, the Montessori School and Technical Network Support International Limited. Behind these buildings are D. C. Finnigan Motor Engineers, Fleet Commercial Services and Product Support Limited. A number of properties were vacant and advertised for rent.


The path continues along the road between the buildings towards Product Support Limited and turns north towards the gates of Pinewood Structures Limited. Just to the west of the entrance the path follows the southern boundary fence for about 100 metres before turning north again along its western boundary. There is access at the corner to Maple Court, a cul-de-sac off the Greenacres road. A line of mature pine trees along the western edge of their property was cut down in 2006.  Pinewood Structures moved onto this site in June 2000. They have other buildings on the Gamlingay Industrial Estate near Hi Sell Direct and employ 160 mainly Gamlingay people. You will be able to see their products piled up in their yard. They manufacture softwood floor components for houses and offices. The timber is imported from sustainable forests in Finland. The joints are fabricated in King’s Lynn and shipped to Gamlingay. You may well see the flatpacks of timber on lorries entering or leaving the site.


The path follows the back garden fences of the houses of the Green Acres estate for about 200 metres and comes out on Cinques Road (234526), which was marked on the 1601 map as what looks like St Bees Waye but more probably St Neots Waye. 


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