Footpath 13

Direction E-W Distance 90m.


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Text Box: FP13Footpath 13 is the shortest public footpath in Gamlingay. It starts (or finishes) at TL 237518 and ends (or begins) at TL 238518. On the 1601 map it was marked as comen lane from controverfy Tho. Ratford. The property and land to the south of the lane was owned by Clare Hall, Cambridge, and consisted of 1a.2r.12p in the occupation by Fr. Ratford. Fr(ancis) Ratford also farmed Clare Hall’s 4a.2r.20p. field on the west side of Mill Street.  Mrs Brudnell owned the adjoining property to the north. The 1a.3r.5p. plot was in the tenure of Rat,Sm. (sic). It appears to have been a short cut for farmers and agricultural labourers between the Milne Crofte allotment on Honey Hill and Cow Lane off Mill Street.


During the ploughing of a possible earthwork ridge on the western side of Mill Street many early Neolithic and Bronze Age flints were found, including cores, blades, a ‘tranchet’ arrowhead and two barbed and tanged arrowheads (SMR2396, 2396a; TL237521).


When The Falcon public house was built on the south side of the lane, it would have been provided access for the brewery ale carts to the back of the premises.


In 1670 the Baptist Church on Honey Hill was founded and the lane provided access. The Church Hall was erected in 1848 and The Manse, where the Minister lived with his family, in 1904. The notice board outside the church indicates Sunday Services at 10.45am. The Home Group meet Mondays at 10am and Thursdays at 7.45pm. Women in Partnership meet every 2nd and 4th Tuesday each month at


Hope Cottage

The Old Manse


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