Footpath 15

Distance c.430m. Direction a curving path roughly N S, W E, SW NE, SW NW and N

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Footpath 15 starts beside the fence alongside the Great North Eastern railway line immediately below the Recreation ground on top of the 56 metre high Pinnacles (TL 177492). It is probable that a footpath started on Sand Lane, just east of the railway bridge (TL 177493) but the steepness of the bank prompted its removal, There is an unmarked path that cuts southwards through the trees towards the railway line. However, it is very steep. The official footpath runs for about 100 metres south until it reaches the bottom of the steps of the railway bridge (TL 177491).



Although a path goes straight up the hill from here, the marked footpath continues for about fifty metres before turning northeast to meet the previous path at the edge of the wood. It then ascends a steep slope of about 1:10 through the trees to a patch of open ground on the top of the ridge. There are paths across through the copses to the open grassed area where a stunning view across Sandy and the Ivel valley can be had. A seat provides some respite after the climb. Although there are other paths north to the Sand Road, if you go back to rejoin the footpath it then turns northwest and goes through more woodland to meet Sand Road (TL 179483).

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