Footpath 3

Direction: E – W Distance: c.200m


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Text Box: FP3Footpath 3 is a shortcut between Stocks Lane and Mill Street. In medieval times it was part of the route east out of Gamlingay up Long Road (Station Road), the road to Hatley St George and East Hatley, Croydon and onto Royston of Cambridge. On Thomas Langdon’s map of Gamlingay, drawn up in 1601, it shows it running between two fields belonging to Charles Cooley.


A signpost (239523) indicates its start on the opposite side of Stocks lane to the cemetery and the Fire Station. There’s staggered metal fencing to stop children running out onto the road. In front of it is a raised brick mound, a traffic calming measure, some locals jokingly call ‘Gamlingay Skate ramp’.


Mature privet hedges line both sides of the path for the first section. There is access on the south side into Blythe Way. It continues west past a delightful old cottage in a mature garden and passes the garden walls of properties on Mill Street. It emerges close to a milestone which states St Ives 14,  Potton 2. (TL237523)


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