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Following the evacuation of British and allied troops from Dunkirk in 1940 Winston Churchill, Britain’s wartime Prime Minister, put in place a long-term plan to invade France. The Special Operations Executive was set up – a TOP SECRET organisation to support resistance groups in occupied Europe with arms, ammunition, food, medical equipment, training, targets to attack and people to assassinate. The main airfield they were flown out from was RAF Tempsford, Mid-Bedfordshire. It was designed by an illusionist. The locals never knew what went on there. They weren’t meant to. Many of those involved signed the Officials Secrets Act and for the rest of their lives never divulged what went on. Some did. My years of research can now reveal all – well – most of it history.


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RAF Tempsford: Bedfordshire’s Top Secret Airfield during World War Two

Its construction, 138 Squadron, 161 Squadron, ground crew, their airplanes, top secret missions, agents, preparation, accidents, the Americans at Tempsford, the airfield since the war and some of the requisitioned local ‘Stately ‘Omes of England - Hasells Hall, Gaynes Hall, Woodbury Hall, Tempsford Hall, Tetworth Hall


The Women of RAF Tempsford: Bedfordshire’s Top Secret Airfield during World War Two

an investigation of the women and girls associated directly and indirectly – catering staff, WAAF, FANY, WVS as well as the more than fifty sent out on TOP SECRET missions into occupied Europe, a number to their deaths


Courrier de L’Air

a historical faction of a woman trained as a secret agent by the Special Operations Executive and flown out of RAF Tempsford to work with the resistance in occupied France, her arrest, interrogation, torture, escape and return to ‘Blighty’ following by a second mission to help ensure the D-Day plans for southwest France take place.