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The remains of a folly are to be found on the crest of the ridge between St Mary’s Church and Storey Farm (TL 22275267). It was

a 25-feet high full moon gate with seats inside and known locally as Cromwell’s Rest. (Article and photograph in Biggleswade Chronicle

18th November 1988 p.41) A similar moongate, or more correctly a lunette, was erected in the grounds of Gamlingay Park, a few kilometres to the east. Details are found in the account of Footpath 8 Park Lane.


Local gossip has it that Cromwell’s Rest was built on the site where Oliver Cromwell pitched his tent as he marched south to London during the

Civil War. The County Archivist, Charles Pickford, doubted its Cromwellian origin and considered it an 18th century folly associated

with the Astell’s Everton House. There were beautiful views westwards of the sunsets over Tempsford and the Ivel Valley. Wally Smith, past Everton school governor, said that the spot was a favourite for courting couples but that it was largely demolished during the Second

World War. It probably affected the take-off and landing of the pilots stationed on Tempsford Airfield. A line of elm trees from

Hasells Hall to Woodbury Hall were cut down for that purpose.