Everton-cum-Tetworth’s History Page

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Prehistoric Everton

Roman Everton

Anglo-Saxon Everton

Norman Everton

Local Customs

Local Services

The Manor of Canons or Tetworth

Everton Village

Everton Mosbury

Everton Biggin

Medieval Agriculture

Local Dignitaries

Everton Manor & Humphrey Winche

Everton Manor & Story Moats

Woodbury Manor

Woodbury Hall

Tetworth Hall & the Old Moon

Other local farms

Hasells Hall and the Pym family

19th Century Coprolite Diggings

List of Fossils found in the area

The Enclosure Acts

Manor Farm

World War One

A Ruined Village 1871

A Village Revisited 1881

Ancient Woods

Cricket 1881 - 1882

Post War Everton

World War One casualties

Cromwell’s Rest

Everton’s Brickworks

The Old Vicarage

The Saw Pit

The Arnsby Family

Local Footpaths and Bridleways

The Plaiting School

The Thatched Cottages

Walnut Tree and Coffin Lane

St Mary’s Church

The Linford Family

The Greensand Ridge Walk

Parish Relief

Cattle Droves

Jimmy Roberts’ Donkey

The Cow that Moves

Oral History Questions

The Barnett family

The Everton Tiger

Everton Lower School

Local Wells

Pubs and Beerhouses

Dickie Dodds, Essex Cricketer

RAF Tempsford Bedfordshire’s Secret Airfield

Witches and Ghosts



Everton’s Cave?

Lightning Strikes

The Dead Sow

19th & 20th century directories

World War Two

World War Two casualties

Rev. John Berridge – The Gospel Pedlar

Thornton and Astell Genealogy

Records of Everton History Group

The Goodman family


Housdens of Everton

19th century Population changes


The Danes Family

1970s Changes in Everton

John Newton, preached in Everton

Everton’s first website with links to Bernard O’Connor’s research pages

Louisa Shore, Woodbury Hall

Martin Madan, Contemporary of Rev. Berridge

Robert Greene, Everton’s 18th century vicar

Sir John Morice, d.1362

Thomas Gataker


Thomas Pownall, (1722–1805),

William Astell

























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