Oral History Questions to ask older community members.

Forward details to Everton Village Society or to fquirk202@aol.com to be included in the village archive/website.

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1.       Where and when were you born?


  1. Where did you live when you were 5, 10, 15, 20?


  1. How old were you when you the First/ Second World War started?


  1. What schools did you go to?


  1. What school uniform did you wear?


  1. What was your best friend's name?


  1. What games did you play?


  1. What was your favourite dinner?


  1. What was your favourite book? Toy? Sweets?


  1. What did you do in the evening?


  1. Did you or your family have a car?


  1. Where did you go on holiday when you were little?


  1. Did you have any pets?


  1. What did your best clothes look like?


  1. How did you get to school and how long did it take?


  1. How much pocket money did you get?


  1. How long was your hair?


  1. Can you remember any interesting stories about life in Everton?


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