List of indiginous fossils from the Potton Phosphatic bed

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   Waldheimia tamarindus             Pecten Robinaldinus

   Terebratula Dallasii                              Trigonia alaeformis

   Terebratula praelonga                          Modiola

   Terebratula depressa                           Modiola aequalis

   Rhynchonella latissima                          Cyprina Sedgwickii

   Rhynchonella antidichotama                  Lucina Vectensis

   Rhynchonella sp.                                   Pholadidea Dallasii

   Ostraea macroptera                              Pleurotomaria gigantea



List of derived fossils from the Potton Nodule bed


From Portlandian:

   Buccinum naticoideum                           Lucina Portlandica

   Neritoma sinuosa                                  Sowerbya

   Cytherea rugosa                                    Trigonia incurva

   Arca                                                     Trigonia gibbosa

   Cardium dissimile

From Wealden and Purbeck :

Bones, teeth and scales of Iguanadon and Megalosaurus. Water-worn remains of the former reptiles are remarkably abundant, and a splendid collection exists in the Woodwardian Museum. For a description of these see Mr. Seeley's catalogue.

Endogenites erosa is recorded as occuring at Potton by Mr. Brodie.

Fragments of coniferous and cycadaceous woods are also found, and Mr. Carruthers has described in the Geol. Mag. for 1867 a pandaceous fruit taken from these beds.


From the Kimmeridge Clay :

   Ammonites biplex                                  Nucula ornata

   Ammonites mutabilis                              Pleurotomariae

   Ammonites cordatus                              Chemnitzia

   Cardium striatulum


Numerous teeth and spines of fishes are also found; see Ann.and Mag. of Nat.Hist. 3rd Series vol.xviii., and these may possibly have been derived from the K.C. Thus we find remains of Gyrodus Pycnodus, Hybodus, Asteracanthus ornatissimus and Sphaerodus gigas. All these are stated by Mr. Walker to occur in the clay at Ely.


From the Coralline Oolite :


   Rhynochonella varians

From the Oxford Clay:

   Gryphaea dilatata

   Ammonites Lamberti

From Neocomian :

   Ammonites Deshayesii                           Trigonia spinosa

   Anclyoceras gigas                                 Littorinae

   Thetis minor

Miscellaneous derived fossils :

   Belemnites                                            Lepidotus

   Modiolae                                              Strophodus magnus

   Myacites                                               Acrodus strophoides

   Lima                                                     Plesiosaurs

   Cyprina                                                 Pliosaurus

   Pholodomya                                           Dakosaurus

   Turreted univalves


(Teall,J.J. "The Potton and Wicken Phosphatic Deposits," Sedgwick Prize Essay for 1873, Cambridge 1875 pp.8-10)

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