Before the Water Tower at Potton Wood was erected the landowners who built most of the cottages in the village, had people to sink wells to get a water supply. At one time it was reported that there 18 water wells in Everton. The sandy soil along the top of the Greensand Ridge is very absorbent and the water table lies between XX and XX  feet (? m.)  beneath the surface. It was reported that one of the wells in the parish collapsed with the brickwork falling not in but out - into a huge cavern. A huge underground lake was seen!


There were six wells at the church end of the village, a very deep one in the middle of the cross-roads with a huge elm tree beside it. The water from this well was called "dead men's' juice" as the well was only a few yards from the churchyard. It supplied pure water to the houses in the vicinity but there were three further wells down this end of the village as well as two at Park Farm.


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