Bernard O'Connor 2000



By the crossroads outside St Mary’s Church used to stand an ancient walnut tree. It was only recently cut down when the new houses on the corner were erected, hence the name Walnut Tree Road. The Romans brought walnuts from the Mediterranean when they settled in Britain but it is unknown whether this grew from a seed. The road running over the ridge top, past two thatched cottages and westwards down the hill to what was Victoria Farm, is known as Green Lane. An indication of its age is that it includes eight species of trees and shrubs including oak, crab apple, maple and dogwood. It passes a pond on the left that used to be a clay pit from the 19th century brickworks and an overgrown clay pit from the same works on the right.


The lane that led from the church to Everton Manor House, past the old vicarage and onto Potton Road has what is reported to be one of the finest holly hedges in the country.  It was down this lane that the coffins were carried into the church.


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