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This manor in Everton has not been as well documented as Everton Mosbury and Everton Manor. There is a moat in what is called Biggin Wood (O.S.182527) 400 metres NNE of the railway crossing. It probably was the site of the manor of Biggin or Everton Biggin, Whether there was a house on the island is uncertain. According to the Victoria County History, from which most of the following has been taken, Thomas de la Dale owned this land in 1316. (Feud. Aids i. p. 19) Whether it had previously been owned by the Earl of Pembroke and was sold to him is not known. It passed to his son Thomas who was succeeded by his grandson, also called Thomas, to his grandson John Dale of Tickencote.In 1480 John died and records show he also owned Everton Mosbury, the estate to the north, and Little Barford. These and Everton Biggin passed into the hands of Robert Tanfield. It was then worth 33s. 4d. per annum for which Tanfield paid 20d. rent per year and had to give half a pound of pepper! (Chan. Inq. p.m. 19 Edw. IV, No. 9; VCH. ĎBedsí, ii. p. 207)


Johnís son William died in 1537 leaving the estate, including Little Barford, to his two daughters and grand-daughter. In order they were Anne who was married to Alexander Fettiplace, Joan who was married to William Wollascott and Margaret Lynne, his daughter Elizabethís heir. (Chan. Inq. p.m. lviii, 48) Little Barford manor was inherited by Edmund Fettiplace. (Ibid. cxxxv, no. 134; cccxxxiii, no. 42) Everton Biggin seems to have passed with Mosbury Manor to Joan, whose son William died in 1618. Williamís son William died in 1640 and it passed into the hands of his son, William Wallascott. (Ibid. (Ser. ii) dlxxix, 79) He held Everton Biggin of Onslow Winch, the then lord of Everton manor. (Ibid. (Ser. ii), ccclxxxviii, No. 79)He and his son Martin were dealing with it in 1653 after which time it passed into the hands of William Cary. (Recov. R. East. 1653, no. 56)


In 1738 it consisted of only 200 acres of land, 100 acres of pasture and 10 acres of woodland. At the same time Everton Mosbury had 1,800 acres of land with 20 messuages (cottages). (Recov. R. East. 11 Geo. III)

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