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Subj:Web site

Date:5/22/01 6:47:16 AM GMT Daylight Time

From: (Derek Linford)



Dear Bernard,

Well done. Having read of your site in this month's Family Tree magazine I hit it.

I found the detail and stories very interesting .

My grandfather was born there ARTHUR JOHN LINFORD 1877-1908 and his family seemed to have moved to the village in the early 19th century.

I have visited the village and walked the fields with interest.

My ancestors married into other local familes e.g. Okins / Mayes.

The family were living in the Cottage, Everton in the 1881 Census.

Whilst I realise the relics of a poor shepherd's family are long gone is there anyone in the village with whom I could correspond who would have a genealogical interst of Everton families.

With very best wishes,

Derek Linford

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