Permitted Footpath

Direction NE - SW  Distance c.200m.

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Text Box: FP8 

Text Box: BW4Text Box: BW3Text Box:  Text Box: PPText Box: FP8Text Box: FP9Text Box: BW5Text Box: FP8This footpath runs through a field marked on Thomas Langdon’s map of 1601 as Broome Close owned by Mrs Brudnell. You can still see the yellow flowers of the broom in the field to the south. When the Cloptons field on the eastern side of the brook was sold for development in the 1960s (?) the residents of the new housing estate of Greenacres got permission to use the field as a footpath, It is now well used by people walking their dogs, local children and general walkers.


Text Box: FP4There is a footpath running north on the eastern side the brook behind the houses and gardens of Greenacres. After crossing the wooden footbridge across the brook (TL232523) there are several routes across the field. One goes round the outside and another up a slight incline across the middle. An isolated tree with overhanging branches is popular with young climbers. There is a small depression which may have been where tree roots were removed as several ancient tree trunks provide a resting place in the middle of the field. An overgrown copse provides hiding places for young children.


You can often see horses in Broome Close as there are stables in the smallholding further west. An electric fence runs along the south side of the field and higher up the slope a row of giant conifers. The path joins Park Lane  - Footpath 8

at the end (TL 230522), a popular footpath which takes you roughly north to Gamlingay Cinques and south to Heath Road.


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