Permitted Footpath

Direction NE then NW Distance c.600m.


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Text Box: PPText Box: PPThis footpath allows you access to Gamlingay Wood. It has been provided by Merton College, Oxford. In 1268, three years after the King had confiscated one of the manors in Gamlingay from Richard of Leicester for taking the side of some barons who opposed him, it was mortgaged by Walter of Merton, who later became the Bishop of Rochester, the founder of Merton College, Oxford.. Until 1967 it was known as Merton Manor


Text Box: FP1It starts where Footpath 1 (TL) meets an old farm track at about 54 m. above sea level (TL244527) and turns west round the back of Dutter End towards the Waresley Road. The path ascends the gentle SE facing slope of the valley NE towards Fuller’s Hill Farm. On Thomas Langdon’s 1601 map of Gamlingay the track was marked as Snake Hill. Grass snakes are quite common and may be seen basking in the sun during the summer months. The fields to the northwest were owned by Abr. Jacob Jo. Burgoyne Esqr. Sometimes the Abbot of Saltry  (Sawtry) and Avenelles..


The north east boundary of the large field called ‘Short woode’ ‘Leaes comonhas been planted with an avenue of trees which, in the future will be a wonderful approach to Gamlingay Wood. The path goes northwest through this avenue and meets the southern edge of the wood by a stile (TL244523). In the 17th century it was called Avenelles Wood.. For details about the Avenel family click on this hyperlink: Avenelles Manor


In Gamlingay Wood there is a circular ditched enclosure, about 40 metres wide with an inner bank (MCB16146 TL243535). The area has been cleared in recent years so you can get an impression of the scale of the site. Exactly when it dates from is unknown but there may have been a settlement of some kind on the island. The surrounding ditch is largely overgrown but a few stretches of water can be seen. The banks may have had a wooden stockade when it was occupied. 


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